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End your monthly subscription costs and boost business productivity through free software!
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Achieve Digital Transformation without breaking your budget

Most small/medium businesses use online applications like Email, CRM, ERP and Collaboration applications with monthly subscription charges for each user. These subscription costs add up as your team expands, stretching your IT budget.

Many businesses miss the latest tools and business productivity applications due to budget constraints that restricts them achieving their digital transformation goals.

techloxi offers powerful free / open source solutions. Our team deploys and integrates the solutions at competitive rates saving up to 95% of your software license / subscription costs.

Solutions Offered

Why Free Software

It's affordable, reliable and gives you the complete flexibility to customize it based on your business needs!
Zero License Cost 

Open source software has no initial or monthly costs for unlimited users.

Total Ownership

Your data isn't deleted or lost once you stop paying the subscription fees.

Extremely Reliable 

The offered solutions are extremely reliable and used by millions of users.

Deploy Anywhere

Can be deployed on-premise with no monthly costs or on any cloud.

User Friendly

Easy to use web based interface that can be handled by non-IT staff.

Managed Option

We provide guides for self-management or else we can manage it for you.

Solutions Offered

techloxi offers a wide aspect of services in various domains while aiming to exceed our clients expectations! 
Infrastructure Servers

Email, DNS, Directory, Web, IoT, SSL Proxy, IoT, RADIUS, Storage, Hypervisor, Backup.

Network & Security

Firewall, Anti-Spam, VPN, 2FA, Network IPS, Host IDS, NMS, SIEM, Threat Intelligence.

Business Productivity

ERP, CRM, Helpdesk, Social Network, Web Apps, Project Management, Time Tracking, File Drop, Video Conf.

Design & Policy

Network Architecture Design, Cloud Design, IT Usage Policy, Security Policy.

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Open Source Solutions

We have selected the best Open Source /Free solutions after extensive research, testing and industry experiences from hundreds of available software. These solutions are extremely stable, have user friendly interface and provide the similar business functionality as the commercial products.

These solutions can be used for free without any limitations for unlimited users.

Discussion & Deployment 

Our engagement starts with free consultation to understand your business and operational requirements. We then propose the best suited solution for your business.

After that, we schedule a remote deployment on a server at your premises or on any cloud of your choice. This entire process is usually completed within a couple of days.

The handover process includes a handover workshop along with system guides.

Managed Services

Don't have your own IT staff? We can also manage the solution for you!
Remote Monitoring 

24x7 monitoring of vital signs of your systems and and resolution of most issues even before they are visible. 

Monitoring Dashboard 

Unified dashboard for customers to monitors Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of all systems from a single screen.

Updates & Patching 

We continuously monitor OS and Application feeds and apply patches / security updates for your systems. 

bizople kit
bizople kit

Monitor all your servers and applications from a single dashboard


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