DNS Server for Enterprise [cluster]

DNS Server for Enterprise [cluster]

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  • Free DNS server /  No license renewal or subscription fees

  • No feature limitation

  • User friendly web GUI to manage DNS entries

  • Clustering for Primary and Secondary DNS servers for high availability

  • Extremely reliable and used by most servers on Internet

  • Suited for internal corporate networks / Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

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Scope of Delivery

  • Design & deployment discussion

  • Operating system installation & configuration [if required]

  • Operating system hardening & tuning for DNS services

  • Primary DNS server installation

  • Secondary DNS server installation

  • Clustering Configuration and synchronization

  • Forwarders / upstream resolver configuration

  • Master Forward and Reverse zone configuration

  • ACL configuration

  • Testing and verification


  • System credentials

  • Workshop on how to use and maintain the system

  • System Administrator Guide for IT administrator

  • User Guide for DNS administrator

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