Web Productivity & Collaboration Apps

Web Productivity & Collaboration Apps

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  • Open Source platform with more than 60 secure web productivity apps

  • Enterprise ready platform with centralized authentication

  • User can in independently launch instance of any apps and share selectively with other users

  • Multiple users can share work on same app instance at same time. For instance, 3 users can edit a web based spreadsheet at same time and view live changes

  • Applications include Kanban Board for Project / Tasks collaboration, Document editors, Text editors, Spreadsheets, File sharing, Drawing boards and Password managers

  • More applications include Accounting, Personal CRM, Wikis, Chatting, Forums, Catalogues, Games, Content Management Systems (CMS) and many more!

Odoo • Text and Image

Scope of Deployment

  • Design & deployment discussion

  • Operating system installation & configuration [if required]

  • Operating system hardening & tuning for Enterprise Social Network

  • Web apps platform installation

  • LDAP / AD centralized user authentication [if required]

  • Email server integration

  • Modules configuration

  • Reverse Proxy configuration

  • SSL / TLS certificate configuration

  • Testing and verification


  • System credentials

  • Workshop on how to use and maintain the system

  • System Administrator Guide for IT administrator

  • User Guide for email administrator

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